Online Conductor - The App

Online Conductor is the perfect companion for making your next virtual choir, band, orchestra, or any performing ensemble!

See it in action! Demo for singers.

Installed the app? Try the Ping Pong Demo for yourself!

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The Concept

Born in the Covid-19 lockdown, The Online Conductor app makes singing in a virtual choir, or performing in a virtual ensemble a breeze. No tech skill needed, meaning anyone in your ensemble can easily record their video. 


In essence, you will be able to watch one video while you record simultaniously. All on one device.    


Cool, eh?    

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Standalone Mode

Pick a video from your photo library that you’d like to record to, and after recording, the app will save your video to your library.



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Online Mode

This is the cool bit. Once you setup a conductor video, your performers will be able to click a link, and your conductor video will be downloaded to their phone, loaded into the app, and recording can start immediatey.


After recording, they will have the option to upload to the Online Conductor server and we will send you all the videos once all the recordings have been made.


See it in action! Demo for singers.


Click here, to use this feature.


Installed the app? Try the Ping Pong Demo for yourself!

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Amazing features, coming soon.

We wanted to get this app out ASAP, so we haven't packed in all the features we'd have loved. Have faith though, as we will get there!